Superfood Series # 1 Green Tea


green teaGreen Tea is a drink known for changing the way we look and feel about our self. This miracle tea was first  consumed in China, but now it has become a popular drink throughout the world due to its amazing health benefits. The most active ingredient found in green tea is EGCG and that helps give the green tea its superfood properties.

Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

  • Green tea is full of antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free-radicals which are known to cause aging, cancer, and other types of diseases through the body.
  • Reduces chances of heart diseases because it prevents the formation of blood clots.
  • Lowers bad cholesterol and helps balance out the ratio of bad cholesterol with good cholesterol.
  • It inhibits the growth of many types of cancer cells. Studies have shown that Green tea helps in reducing the risk of esophagus cancer, lung cancer. breast cancer, skin cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, and many other various forms of cancer.
  • Helps improve memory. It inhibits the development of enzymes that are known to cause Alzheimer diseases.
  • Green tea helps reduce weight and it does this by increasing the body’s metabolism rate. It also decrease the Leptin hormone that is responsible for hunger.
  • It helps  arthritis by inhibiting the production of molecules that will be harmful to the bones and cartilages.
  • Green tea helps the body get rid of toxins.
  • It reduces inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation in body is known to cause acne. So drinking green tea can help heal acne.
  • It can help improve the condition of eczema, dry skin, and redness.
  • It helps diabetes because it controls the amount of sugar in the blood.
  • Green tea improves skin elasticity and gives the skin a nice glow.
  • Helps with depression because it contains a amino acid called  theanine which relieves stress and provides relaxation.
  • Antioxidant catechin in green tea helps prevent periodontal diseases. Periodontal diseases are disease associated with gums and teeth bone which can lead to other diseases in the body.
  • Improves immunity.
  • Helps with allergies by blocking chemicals that cause allergic reactions.

How much Green tea should people be consuming?

Consumption of green tea will vary from person to person, but every individual should be drinking at least one cup of  green tea everyday. A  person who is trying to lose weight should be drinking 2-3 cups of green tea per day.

When are the best times to drink green tea?

People should drink green tea when they are eating their breakfast or during their lunch. Green tea shouldn’t be consumed on empty stomach.

Any Recommendations?

There are lots of good brands out there for green tea, but I believe the more nautral and organic it is, the better it will be for health. The brand that I personally like the most is Stash Organic Premium Green Tea. I buy it off of Amazon and it cost around 20 dollars for a pack of 6  that contain 18 tea bags per pack. The taste of green tea is slight on the bitter side, but it is bearable.


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