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Superfood Series # 5 Kefir



Kefir is a very refreshing and tart tasting cultured beverage that has abundant health beneficial properties. The first time I heard about Kefir was through Ray Wang, a youtuber, who had a blog talking about the benefits of it. After reading his blog, I started to do my own reaserach to learn more about Kefir and that’s when I stumbled about Dominic N Anfitearto blog.  There were so many things that I learned about kefir through his blog that I was never aware of. After reading Dominic’s blog, I decided to give kefir a try and have never regretted it.

Kefir was first consumed by people living in Caucasus Mountains at least 1000 years ago. The individuals who consumed it were healthier, had little to no disease, and had higher life expectancy than those who didn’t consume kefir. Kefir is acutally made from live kefir grains.  Kefir grains are composed of beneficial yeast and bacteria that are very good for the health. Kefir grains are soft, squeshy, and resemble the shape of a cauliflower.

kefir grains

What makes Kefir a superfood?

  • the poysaccharide kefrain in kefir is found to be anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory
  • reduces the risk of various types of cancer such as colon cancer and breast cancer
  • enhances the immune system
  • its good bacteria keeps the gut healthy
  • controls high blood pressure
  • maintains correct glucose levels in blood.  It helps with diabetes.
  • helps with many of the skin problems such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. It is also thought to prevent signs of aging.
  • prevents constipation by regular bowel movements
  • removes toxions from the body
  • prevents heart diseases
  • helps with arthirtis and rheumatism
  • heals allergies and stomach problems
  • proven to help with AIDS and HIV
  • promotes normal functioning of the kidney
  • has antioxidant properties. Antioxidant’s prevent the damage of healthy cells by the free radicals.
  • helps with depression
  • helps with sleep disorders
  • more energy
  • calms the nerves due to the abundance of essential amino acid called tryptophan
  • packed with Vitamin A, D, K, B2, B12, Calcium, Phosphorous,and Magnesium
  • very easy to digest because of the enzymes that are already present in it. It’s even safe for lactose intolerant people to drink
  • effective against kidney stones, ulcers, and parasites
  • helps with bone diseases
  • helps maintain good cholesterol levels
  • treats urinary tract infections

Kefir Drink Types

There are two different types of kefir drinks and they are milk kefir (my favorite) and water kefir. There are lots of ways to make kefir, but I am going share my simple way of making it. I follow the similar procedure that are described in Dominics website on how to make it.

How I make my kefir

  • Add kefir grains to a clean glass jar
  • Pour a cup of raw milk or unpasteurized organic milk into the jar. The more raw and organic the milk, the healthier the kefir will be. The amount of milk you pour into the glass jar will depend on the growth of the kefir grains. If the size of the kefir grains have increased, more milk will be needed.
  • Cover the glass jar with a clean cloth or lossely with the lid of the jar
  • Let the kefir sit in the jar for about 24 hours, but shake the jar slowly once in a while. I usually like to place by kefir by the window or sometimes on a table where it can get some sunlight. In the summer time, kefir will be ready in less than 24 hours. When kefir gets fermented too long, it actually starts to get separated into curds and whey.
  • Separate the kefir from kefir grains by straining the kefir into a glass by using a plastic strainer. Metal strainer should be avoided at all time because it disrupts the microorganism in kefir grains.
  • Use the left over kefir grains for the next batch

Video on how to make milk kefir

If you guys are also interested in learning how to make water kefir,  click on the link below

If you guys ever get bored of drinking plain kefir, check our Domincin blog to learn fun new ways to incorporate kefir into your diet. He has lots of fun recipes on kefir that makes one never get tired of consuming it. Please let me know if you guys try some and let me know how it turns out :).

Where to buy the kefir grains?

There are lots of people online where you can purchase the kefir grains from. People sell them on eBay, amazon, and many other online sites. You can even buy them from Domincion blogsite. I personally purchased mine from the Kefirlady and they came in a very good condition. She charges 20 dollars which you don’t have to pay before buying them. The money can be paid for kefir grains after they have arrived at home. Besides sending the kefir grains, kefirlady  also sends instructions on how to care for them and provides lots of wonderful tips on how to make kefir. She is also very good at responding back to her costumers whenever they are questions about their kefir.

When is the best time to consume kefir?

Morning is always the best time to drink kefir

If I were to recommend one superfood to anyone it would always be kefir. Not only does drinking Kefir makes individuals healthy, but it also makes them feel more good about themselves. I really hope you guys make this nutritious drink part of your diet and start living healthier lifestyle.